Designated personalities.

The Rodtegg Foundation Council works on a voluntary basis. It consists of at least five personalities with different skills and experience backgrounds. The Board of Trustees leads strategically and looks after the interests of the Foundation externally.


The Board of Trustees is responsible for the strategy and risk management (internal control system ICS) of our institution. He elects the director of Rodtegg and oversees the management. As a college, he assumes overall responsibility for the fate of Rodtegg. Each member is jointly responsible for all questions.

Members of the Foundation Council

Mira Vrazic, cleaning specialist, explains to the Board of Trustees how basic cleaning is organized during the summer holidays. She emphasizes the importance of the correct use of cleaning agents and cleaning rags. 

From left to right: Peter Felber (Vice President), Barbara Dober-Fuchs, Daniel Rüttimann, Susanne Truttmann-Hauri (President of the Board of Trustees), Charles Vincent, Jörg Ziemsen, Rita Rigert-Meyer (until December 31, 2017), Mira Vrazic.



Susanne Truttmann-Hauri
MAS Public Management HSLU Wirtschaft, Altenrhein


Peter Felber , (Vice President)
specialist , Lucerne Barbara Dober-Fuchs ,
med. Practice Assistant, Dierikon
Charles Vincent ,
Head of the Elementary School Education Service, Lucerne
Jörg Ziemssen ,
Team Leader Commercial Customers LUKB, Obernau
Daniel Rüttimann
Municipal Council Department for Social Affairs, Health and Safety, Hochdorf

The members of the board of trustees also enjoyed the new air hockey table.

Well connected

The Board of Trustees has balanced specialist competencies and various backgrounds for the fulfillment of its tasks. Its members are well anchored and networked socially, politically and economically. They have a special connection to the topic “people with disabilities”.

High demands

The profile of requirements for members of the Foundation Council is very high. The most important points from it:

  • Credibility and commitment
  • Communication skills and constructive openness (fairness and respect)
  • Personnel, organizational and financial independence from the Rodtegg Foundation
  • Ability to combine economic and social thinking and acting
  • Strategic and visionary thinking


Helmut Bühler

The director attends the board meetings in an advisory capacity.